Horror Ghouls is a website dedicated to horror movies. Tom Ghoul and Vanja Ghoul are the reviewers, and Mr. Ghööl is handing out “badges”.


We (Tom and Vanja) are a couple from Norway that started this website for fun, since we both love horror movies. We want this website to be a little bit funny and cartoony, and thus we created “Mr. Ghööl”, which is our cartoon mascot (the badges were illustrated by Vanja, while header graphics and the image above were illustrated by Tom) .


When we review horror movies, we do not give them ratings. Why? Well…first of all, a review is (let’s be honest) nothing but a personal opinion, and we want to avoid that readers focus more on a rating than the actual review (some movies that aren’t “masterpieces” may still have tons of entertainment value!). We also have Mr. Ghööl hand out “badges” to all the movies, which explains a bit about what kind of movie it is. Also, every Sunday we add a post with a horror short for you to check out.


Oh, and our site looks best on desktop but is mobile friendly.



Need to get in contact with us? Here’s our e-mail:

Note: if you contact us regarding reviews for movies on streaming sites, please note that we live in Norway and what is available to our country may not be the same that’s available in for example USA or UK, etc.

Also, if you contact us regarding horror shorts, please note that we do not review them, but we list one that is publicly available for viewing (a video that can be viewed publicly on for example YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) every Sunday.



Below is some information about Mr. Ghööl’s badges:




If a movie contains a certain amount of suspense, creepy scenes and atmosphere, this is the badge Mr. Ghööl will hand out.









Mr. Ghööl hands out the “Gore” badge if a movie contains a certain amount of blood & gore. Naturally, all movies in the “Splatter” genre will achieve this, but sometimes there are movies in other genres as well that deserves this badge.








This badge is reserved for movies that actually manages to be scary/frightening. In other words, movies that will be somewhat “intense” in its scares.









This badge is given to movies that can be considered an easy and entertaining flick to watch with some popcorn (or pizza & beer) on a saturday evening. In other words, movies that’s got a good amount of entertainment value without racking your brain too much or scare away your appetite.








Mr. Ghööl hands out this badge to all the movies that makes him laugh (whether the movie intends for it to be funny or not). This badge will go to movies that does have a certain amount of comedy in it, but also to movies that have the classic “so bad it’s good” feel.








Reserved for movies that are weird/strange/peculiar, or simply makes Mr. Ghööl confused as heck over what the hell he just watched.









Mr. Ghööl likes tits and nudity, and if a movie contains certain amounts of this he’ll hand out the “Sexy” badge.









This badge is given to movies that has content which we consider to be disturbing to some extent. This may include for example gross content, movies based on dreadful real-life events, etc.