SEAGRASS – Short Horror Film

Picking up trash along the beach, a girl discovers items left behind that become increasingly ominous.


“Sea Grass” is a great example of one of those horror shorts that are simple and straight forward, with no hocus pocus or jump-scares, and still manages to be quite creepy.


SEAGRASS - Short Horror Film


Director: Dylan Clark
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Charlotte Butcher, Karen Butcher







TOE – Animated Horror Short

A starving young boy eats a human toe that he finds in the ground. Later that night, something dead comes to his bedroom wanting its toe back.


“Toe” is a pretty cool and atmospheric stop-motion animation horror short. It’s based on one of the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” stories which is called “The Big Toe” (which was also referenced in the movie “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark“).


TOE - Animated Horror Short


Director: Neal O’Bryan and Chad Thurman
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Cassie Carey (voice actor)
Creators Twitter page:







DINAH – Short Horror Film

Before Dinah Kent committed suicide she left behind an innocent video on YouTube. If you’re heartless enough to dislike it you’ll join her in the afterlife.


In the horror short “Dinah” we meet a guy who has a habit of browsing YouTube videos just to press the “dislike” button. When he comes over a video with footage of a young girl who took her own life, he’s still being an a-hole and goes straight for the “dislike”…something he’ll regret bitterly afterwards.


DINAH - Short Horror Film


Director: James Williams
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Scott E. Brosius, Sofia Plass, Amanda Terman, James Williams







STREET TRASH – Original Short Film

When the  owner of the local liquor store in Brooklyn finds some old, greenish booze in the basement, he decides to sell it to the hobos for a cheap buck. But little does he know that this liquor is a toxic waste which makes anyone melt, in a very messy and gooey way.


This horror short was shot on 16mm with a dirty lens by James M. Muro and some of his friends on a hot summer day in the mid 80’s. Muro also turned it into a polished full length feature that was released in 1987.


STREET TRASH Short Horror Film


Director: James M. Muro
Country & year: USA, 1986 (?)
Actors: Mike Lackey, Robin France Shilling, Bruce Torbet, Bernard Perlman, Eddie Bay







ATTIC – Supernatural Horror Short

Toby believes he can make things disappear into the darkness of his attic. Maybe even his stepfather.


“Attic” is a nice little horror short about a boy who is getting more and more tired of his aggressive and abusive stepfather. Upon exploring the attic, he discovers that the darkest part of it can make things disappear.


ATTIC - Supernatural Horror Short


Director: Andrew Montague
Country & year: USA, 2016
Actors: Mary Beth Albers, Michael Diamond, Joseph Anthony Sudol







HUMAN FORM – Korean Body Horror Film

Feeling alone in a world where everyone looks exactly the same, a young girl decides to take extreme measures to change her appearance.


“Human Form” is a Korean body horror short, where a girl is living in a world where everyone is getting plastic surgery, and she feels more and more out of place. This short is a commentary on plastic surgery and humankind’s obsession over what is supposed to be “beauty”, where we often idolize appearances that are impossible to achieve naturally, and deeming natural appearances as not looking “good enough” (which makes everyone a potential “fixer-upper”, and giving the beauty industry more and more profits). And with this short coming from South Korea, it’s a perfect comment on all of this considering how several Asian countries have insane beauty standards. Just look up some “Asian makeup transformation” videos on YouTube, and you’ll see…


HUMAN FORM - Korean Body Horror Film


Director: Doyeon Noh
Country & year: South Korea, 2014
Actors: Si Yeon Kim, Ye Eun Lee, Jinseon Son, Sun Hee Kang, Ae-Jin Kim, Seung-il Hong, Jung Do Hur







WE KNOW – Horror Short

After killing a young girl in a car accident, a guy is followed by mysterious men…


“We Know” is a creepy little Italian horror short from 2017. It has been shown in several festivals including Dracula Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Awards, Sin City Horror Fest, and more.


WE KNOW - Horror Short


Director: Nicolo Fumero
Country & year: Italy, 2017
Actors: Jacopo Menghini, Annachiara Ronco, Francesco Varano, Francesco Lucci, Christiana Frasson, Beatrice Ronco, Federico Belfiore, Simone Chiattone, Andre Tuninetti, Samuele Cipolla
















MAKR – Horror Short Film

A fake exorcist visits the home of a man who thinks his wife is possessed by a Djinn, only to find out that things are not as they seem.


“Makr” is a creepy little horror film, where the title actually means “deception”. The fake exorcist surely got more than he bargained for…


MAKR - Horror Short Film


Director: Hana Kazim
Country & year: United Arab Emirates, 2019
Actors: Mohammed Ahmed, Mansoor Alfeeli, Madiya Humaid, Iman Tarik
















THE DUMMY (1982) Short Horror Film

A woman is trapped in her apartment alone with a murderous ventriloquist dummy.


“The Dummy” is a fun little horror short from 1982, and it was a student film by Louis La Volpe. Throughout the 80’s, networks like HBO and Showtime would play this during the commercial breaks of horror movies.


THE DUMMY (1982) Short Horror Film


Director: Louis La Volpe
Country & year: USA, 1982
Actors: Ezra Teitelbaum, Carrie Vickrey
















WATERBORNE – Zombie Kangaroo Short

When a local ranger in a small country town finds an unidentified algae overwhelming the town’s water supply, he knows something’s not right. But it’s not until the sun goes down that he discovers the true extent of the danger – it seems the town is about to experience the effects of a mysterious infection that turns not only humans – but animals too – into zombies.


“Waterborne” is a fun little Australian horror short, with Kangaroo zombies!


WATERBORNE - Zombie Kangaroo Horror Short


Director: Ryan Coonan
Country & year: Australia, UK, 2014
Actors: Martin Blum, Don Bridges