SELFIE – Japanese Horror Short

A man comes home from work, and is so tired that he falls asleep on the couch. His partner begins filming him, finding his snoring funny… but then, strange things start happening on her phone camera…


“Selfie” is a simple, yet still effective, horror short from Japan.


SELFIE - Japanese Horror Short


Director: Nari
Country & year: Japan, 2016
















THE TAKING – Horror Short

Some old houses have secrets. Dark secrets. It bleeds into the wood and soaks the very soul of its foundations. For young Isobel and her Grandmother, they discover through the course of one eerie night that some secrets weren’t meant to be unraveled. They’re coming…and they’re taking…


“The Taking” by Matt Eskandari is a suspenseful and atmospheric “haunted house” horror short.


THE TAKING - Horror Short


Director: Matt Eskandari
Country & year: USA, 2004
Actors: Blaine Saunders, Kay Stratton, Tess Tarin, Josh Rushing
















KOOKIE – Horror Short Film

Bree, a dishonest 9-year-old receives a terrifying visitor after a parenting lesson goes horribly wrong.


“Kookie” is a fun little horror short about a bratty and dishonest little girl. She keeps taking more cookies from the jar than she’s allowed to, until her mother puts the cookies in a terrifying clown jar in hopes of scaring her greedy hands away from it. Of course, the girl can’t resist the temptation, no matter how creepy she thinks the clown jar looks…


KOOKIE - Horror Short Film


Director: Justin Harding
Country & year: Canada, 2016
Actors: Ava Jamieson, Alana Elmer, Jarrett Siddall, Jessie Garon
















THE MONSTER – Short Horror Film

A father helps a young boy get over his fear of Monsters, at a terrible price.


“The Monster” is a nice little horror short about a classic theme: a kid that’s afraid of monsters, and his father trying to help him get over his fear. This boy’s father is not like most fathers, though…


THE MONSTER - Short Horror Film


Director: Neil Stevens
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Aaron Bradshaw, Brian Ramian, Erika Stasiuleviciute

















A little girl thinks Christmas in New Zealand sucks. It’s too hot, there are mosquitoes everywhere, and not a snowflake in sight. But when Lisa wishes for a White Christmas one year, she gets a lot more than she bargained for…


A somewhat cute horror short about a girl who wants to experience a White Christmas, but gets it in a way she’ll soon regret…




Director: Peter Haynes, Nick Burridge
Country & year: Australia, 2016
Actors: Keira Christina, Hweiling Ow

















Mary takes over her friends babysitting job on Christmas Eve, but something more than yuletide spirit is loose in the house.


Here’s another Christmas horror short for you to enjoy! A cheesy yet fun short about a babysitter who will stay at a home where the owners are really into the holidays and have put up decorations all over the place. There’s one of the “decorations” that seems out of place, though…




Director: Henrique Couto
Country & year: USA, 2015
Actors: Julia Gomez, Alia Gabrielle Eckhardt, Erin R. Ryan, Adam Clevenger, Bradley Diehl
















HUMBUG – A Christmas Horror Short

When her neighbor refuses to get into the Christmas spirit, a jolly citizen takes matters into her own hands.


We all know at least one “Grinch”, or a person filled with “humbug” when the holidays are kicking in. This weird and cheesy horror short takes the “humbug” to a different level, though, turning it into something that can be “exorcised” from your body in order to make you fully enjoy the Christmas holidays!


LA NORIA - Animated Horror Short


Director: Justin Lee, Matt Thiesen
Country & year: USA, 2016
Actors: Jessee Foudray, Milly Sanders

















Life is hard for Emma without the love of her life John. But after installing a new antique door and not being able to open it she starts hearing knocks coming from the other side of the door. Can this be the spirits of Emma’s love.


“There Comes a Knocking” is described as a proof of concept for a feature film by the same name. The short has good atmosphere and cinematography (and the Horror Ghouls love big, old creaky houses!). It is thus unfortunate that the ending is a bit lackluster, but since the creators are aiming for a full feature film and this is described as a “proof of concept”, it will be interesting to see how the full movie will eventually turn out! The creator’s YouTube channel also has a “Making of” video, in addition to lots of other videos regarding their filmmaking.




Director: Ryan Connolly
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Stefanie Butler, Brett Davidson, Justin Robinson
















GHOST MACHINE – Korean Horror Short

An android babysitter starts malfunctioning, which causes it to become dangerous. The mother has no other choice than to replace it…but the android is intent on staying with the family.


“Ghost Machine” is a Korean horror short, which is one of the installments in “Horror Stories III”. It’s a science-fiction horror story dealing with the subject of how robots and artificial intelligence may turn dangerous if they stop working as intended…


GHOST MACHINE - Korean Horror Short


Director: Kim Gok
Country & year: South-Korea, 2016
Actors: Hong Eun-hee, Lee Jae-in, Park Solomon
















WICKEN – Horror Short Film

A young woman Skyping with her long distance boyfriend late one night, realizes that an ancient evil presence may have been unleashed upon her.


“Wicken” is a horror short film by Faisal Hashmi, who also made “Sleight“. While “Wicken” could have benefited from more playtime to delve deeper into the mythology and story behind the curse, and thus bring the character’s emotions more into focus upon making their decisions, it’s still an effective albeit simple short.


WICKEN - Horror Short Film


Director: Faisal Hashmi
Country & year: United Arab Emirates, 2019
Actors: Nour Safieh, Stuart Richard, Hanna Liatsko, Sally Mourad