DYSTOPIA – Horror Short

In a made up abandoned hangar, a gang of beauty addicts are frantically looking through a collection of limbs. Their mission is to piece together a man that will please Mama Joan, their frankensteinian leader.


Dystopia is a bizarre Norwegian horror sort, offering a bit of a twist at the end!

DYSTOPIA - Horror Short


Director: Laura Ugolini
Writer: Sofie Somoroff
Country & year: Norway, 2020
Actors: Maria Galliani Dyrvik, Anja Skovly Freberg, Laura Ugolini
IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt13837112/








TISTLEBU – Horror Short

As a young urban couple on a working holiday hopes to connect with nature at Tistlebu farm, a primordial power comes into play, changing them both forever.


Tistlebu is a strange Norwegian horror short where we get introduced to a strange thing called “the tursemorkel”.. and its effect on people who encounters it..

TISTLEBU - Horror Short


Director: Simon Matthew Valentine
Writer: Alexander Delver, Simon Matthew Valentine
Country & year: Norway, 2022
Actors: Sacha Slengesol Balgobin, Sjur Vatne Brean, Oda Schjøll
IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt16310112/








CHATTER – horror short by Leo Resnes

A girl witnesses a horrible sight online, then the electricity is cut off inside her apartment. Later when the light return she feel that she is not alone.


“Chatter” is a norwegian horror short (with english subtitles) by Leo Resnes, with Cinematography by Espen Gjelsten. A suspenseful little film where a girl is alone at home in front of the computer, expecting to have a good time, but one thing leads to something even worse…


CHATTER - horror short by Leo Resnes


Director: Leo Resnes
Country & year: Norway, 2010
Actors: Tom Larsen, Anniken Loviknes, Linn Christin Osnes, Frank Slinning, Karoline Stemre
IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt1773335/
















Chatter from Espen Gjelsten on Vimeo