CLICK – Horror Short Film

Five bored children enter an imposing, decaying building that has been abandoned for years. Finding a room with a light switch, they decide to play a game of turning it on and off…but upon doing so, one of the kids disappear each time the lights are turned on again. Suspecting each other of playing pranks, they continue the game…


“CLICK” is one of those creepy horror shorts that builds slowly, and brings on a ton of great atmosphere due to the dystopian scenery. Note: the actors in this horror short does have a strong Yorkshire accent, but it contains subtitles if you have any difficulties understanding what they’re saying.


CLICK - Horror Short Film


Director: William Prince
Country & year: UK, 2010
Actors: Francesca Parker, Lucy Hird, Daniel Leach, Samuel Holland, Jamie Spencer
















2 Replies to “CLICK – Horror Short Film”

  1. pretty good. I didn’t find the accents strong, more weaker but then, I guess I’m more use to it.
    main problem I had, which wasn’t really a problem cause.. well, I tend to find it with a lot of horror stuff of this type, is there is only really one nice character, and the rest I though were right gits.. but then, that’s just me ^_^

    though I do greater prefer atmospheric and psychological horror over ‘oh look, there is a monster jumping out at you shouting ‘boo'”

    1. Oh, it’s probably not just you, they weren’t exactly portrayed as very likeable characters…well, except one of them 😉

      While horror comes in all shapes and forms (and what a person finds scary/creepy varies a lot) there’s always something about the ones that builds mainly on atmosphere and psychological horror. Of course, an interesting setting/scenery helps a lot with that, too 🙂

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