BUS STOP – Horror Short Film

bus stop horror short

A chilling short horror film about two young strangers waiting for the bus and getting entangled in the mysterious and terrifying circumstances around the bus stop.   Bus Stop is a creepy horror short where a boy who misses the bus ends up in a strange conversation with a mysterious girl..   Director: Zora Cielle …

IN FRAME – Horror Short

in frame horror short

A girl sees something strange while recording with her Super 8 camera.   In Frame is a creepy horror short with a simple premise: having fun with a Super 8 camera, and then get something in frame that’s not supposed to be there..   Director: Vincent Dormani Writer: Vincent Dormani Country & year: USA, 2023 …

FACIES – Horror Short Film


1692. The Inquisition is in decline and one of the inquisitors has been trying to find the perfect torture device. He’s developing “The Demeanour”, a torture chair created by his engineer. The engineer’s daughter Elena has different plans.   Facies (El Semblante) is a disturbing horror short, based on the extreme cruelty of the Spanish …


the kid and the camera

A young boy named Cailen with a broken camera is visited by a sleep fairy called the Cipsneed, but he’s never heard of a sleep fairy.   The Kid and the Camera is a creepy and strange animated horror short that is quite eerie, even though it may look very innocent at first glance…   …

SETACEOUS – Horror Short

setaceous horror short

A small group of neighbours discover a mysterious car, seemingly abandoned in their suburban cul-de-sac.   Setaceous is a creepy, mysterious and a little weird horror short!   Director: Tel Benjamin Writer: Tel Benjamin Country & year: Australia, 2017 Actors: Maggie Dence, Sasha Dyer, John Keightley IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt6139768/              

HOME – Horror Short Film

home horror short

A young woman is awaken by her boyfriend coming home after a night of drinking. But who did actually come home that night?   Home (“Hjem”) is a creepy Norwegian horror short!   Director: Pål Gustavsen Writer: Nils Brodersen, Pål Gustavsen Country & year: Norway, 2018 Actors: Nils Brodersen, Petter Sørnæs, Amna Veledar IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt9140954/ …

MORSE CODE – Horror Short

morse code horror short

After a loved one’s tragic death, Stefani uses Morse Code to speak with The Beyond. In her search for answers, she inadvertently discovers questions far more dangerous.   Morse Code is a creepy and emotional horror short.   Director: McKenzi Vanderberg Writer: Maurizio Ledezma Country & year: USA, 2022 Actors: Dia Frampton, Kristin Carey, Austin …

SUCKER – Horror Short Film

sucker horror short film

Two sisters are pitted against each other by a gigantic, abhorrent leech creature that uses its influence to puppeteer them from the inside out.   Sucker is a fun creature feature horror short!   Director: Alix Austin Writer: Alix Austin Country & year: UK, 2022 Actors: Sophia Capasso, Annie Knox IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt14850376/       …


under the trap door

A man discovers a tunnel in his house that holds a sinister backstory connected to the family who lived there before him.   Under the Trap Door is a creepy and fun horror short about a man that unleashes something sinister when he opens a trap door..   Director: Vincent Dormani Writer: Vincent Dormani Country …