MONITOR – Horror Short Film

A sleep-deprived corner store clerk wonders if he’s seeing things when a man mysteriously appears on his security camera feed – but not in the store itself.


If you’ve ever watched some “scary video” montages on YouTube, you’ve probably seen a fair amount of Security Camera footage. Monitor is a creepy horror short about a store clerk who sees something strange on the security camera monitors…


MONITOR - Horror Short Film


Director: Matthew Black, Ryan Polly
Country & year: USA, 2018
Actors: Gunner Willis, Jacob Daniels, Tyler Burditt







MONITOR (A Horror Short) from Maker Table on Vimeo.


FACE YOUR FEARS – Horror Short

A young woman terrified of the dark takes on a pet sitting job and discovers a supernatural game that will cure her fears, if she faces them first.


Face Your Fears is a creepy horror short by Neil Stevens, set in a nice old-fashioned home to complement the spooky atmosphere.


FACE YOUR FEARS - Horror Short


Director: Neil Stevens
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Leah Briese, Robert Fleet, Rogie Nelson







THE DREAMCATCHER – Short Horror Film

Nova gets a dreamcatcher as a present from her mom to protect her from bad dreams, but she will soon discover something sinister that hides within.


The Dreamcatcher, with its vibrant colors and crisp visuals, is a pretty fun horror short that ends with a creepy outcome!


THE DREAMCATCHER - Short Horror Film


Director: Cindy Stenberg
Country & year: Sweden, 2020
Actors: Villeman Alvarsson, Sixten Berg, Linda Lindberg Forsell, Ebba Ärlebo
IMDb: //







DEAD HOUSE – Horror Short Film

Two men renovating a mysterious old house attempt to leave before the building enters lock down and seals them inside. Unfortunately the house has different plans for them.


Dead House is a creepy horror short with thick atmosphere, where two men are in for several surprises in an old abandoned building (which appears to not be all that empty after all…)


CORPORATE MONSTER - Sci-Fi horror Short


Director: Travis Laidlaw
Country & year: Canada, 2017
Actors: Virgil Howarth, Redd Ochoa, Travis Laidlaw, Tyler Laidlaw, Harrison Laidlaw, Chris Laidlaw, Bev Laidlaw, Karl Esganian, Margot Cote-Barch, Lisa Clarke, Bradley Chowace, Vincent Braia
IMDb: //










A dangerously unstable man starts to see monsters all around us.


Corporate Monster is a tense Sci-Fi horror short where an unstable man starts seeing certain people turn into monsters. Are they the result of the new medication he’s started taking… or is the new medication giving him the ability to see what those people really are?


CORPORATE MONSTER - Sci-Fi horror Short


Director: Ruairi Robinson
Country & year: Ireland, USA, 2019
Actors: Jenna Coleman, Birkett Turton, Gary Murphy, Patrick Joseph Byrnes, Kris Edlund, Megan Woods Kegan, Alphonso Cox, Jimmy Doom
IMDb: //







PEOPLING – Weird Horror Short

When George accidentally births a doppelgänger, he finds competition for his mother’s affection.


Peopling is a pretty weird and bizarre horror short about George, an adult who lives like a child with his crazy mother. When jerking off, his sperm cells will grow into doppelgängers, so he effectively kills them with bleach.. until one of his sperm cells manages to escape.


PEOPLING - Weird Horror Short


Director: Lucas Amann
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Josh Fadem, Kimmy Robertson
IMDb: //







3 VERSOS – Horror Short Film

A girl reaches a psychic looking for help after a ghost besieges her home.


3 Versos  aka 3 Verses is a visually strong horror short about three girls seeking help from a psychic, where in the end they all get more than they bargained for…


THE CROSSING - Horror Short


Director: Antonio Yee
Country & year: Mexico, 2016
Actors: Laura Mariscal, Edvan Galván, Daniela López, Dayhana García, Cirilo Cortez, Sergio Trasviña, Amanda Avilez, Herbey Rayas, Eduardo Murillo, Esthefania Montiel, Viridiana Barraza, Brenda Karina, Christopher Lepe, Anais Patiño
IMDb: //







THE CROSSING – Horror Short

A newly hired housekeeper discovers the tenants of the home have an evil secret.


The Crossing is a fun horror short with some pretty cool monster/creature scenes!


THE CROSSING - Horror Short


Director: Kheireddine El-Helou
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Anna Kaskeeva, Sarah Navratil, Christof Ryjin Pearson, Juliette James, Gianna Misa, Jolene Andersen
IMDb: //







3 DAYS – Horror Short Film

When three female friends sense danger on a camping trip, they keep each other laughing until one decides to make a run for it.


3 Days is a creepy horror short that reminds you how camping in the woods can be anything but cozy sometimes…


3 DAYS - Horror Short Film


Director: Julie Sharbutt
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Zoey Martinson, Julie Sharbutt, Liz Wisan
IMDb: //







DUÉRMETE NIÑO – Horror Short Film

A religious mother of newborn twins is constantly awakened by the disturbing sound of her crying babies. Using a radio monitor to check on them at night, she encounters a series of unsettling events that might jeopardize even her own beliefs.


Duérmete Niño is a creepy and atmopsheric little horror short, set in a time where the first “baby monitors” came into use!


DUÉRMETE NIÑO - Horror Short Film


Director: Freddy Chavez Olmos
Country & year: Canada, 2019
Actors: Piercey Dalton
IMDb: //