SAFE AND SOUND – Horror Short

While babysitting a precocious six-year-old, a teenage girl is stalked by a shadowy presence that sets off the home security system. The alarm meant to protect the house becomes an amplifying terror while they attempt to survive the night.


Safe and Sound is a fun little horror short, with an interesting setup.

SAFE AND SOUND - Horror Short


Director: Ian Kammer
Writer: Ian Kammer, Joshua Storms
Country & year: USA, 2021
Actors: Tristan Riggs, Charlie Morgan Patton, Maranda Barskey, Christopher Thomas Copeland, Mark Stancato








CREEP BOX – Horror Short Film

A scientist uses groundbreaking technology to communicate with the deceased but once he is through the looking glass, there is no turning back.


Creep Box is an unsettling and creepy little horror short!

CREEP BOX - Horror Short Film


Director: Patrick Biesemans
Writer: Patrick Biesemans
Country & year: USA, 2022
Actors: Dan Cordle, Sean Mahon, Joel Nagle, Elisabeth Ness, Damani Varnado








PIECES OF ME – Horror Short

A struggling young starlet uncovers a deadly secret which may be the key to the fame and fortune she so desperately craves.


Pieces of Me is an entertaining little horror short about a young woman trying to achieve fame in rather.. unusual ways.


PIECES OF ME - Horror Short


Director: Julia Max
Writer: Julia Max
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Caroline Kaplan, Caroline Williams, Cynthia Gates Fujikawa








HYSTERIC – Short Horror Film

A mysterious sound, a mother stricken with madness, and two daughters caught in a fight for survival.


Hysteric is a creepy horror short based on a mysterious sound (“The Hum”).


BANSHEE - Horror Short Film


Director: Rod Blackhurst
Writer: Rod Blackhurst
Country & year: USA, 2022
Actors: Amber Davila, Dolce Demce, Amaya Huneke








BANSHEE – Horror Short Film

A string of bizarre missing person cases leads two troubled teenagers to investigate their town’s forbidden forest.


Banshee is a creepy and unsettling little horror short!


BANSHEE - Horror Short Film


Director: Matt Ditko
Writer: Matt Ditko
Country & year: UK, 2021
Actors: Mick Callus, Tia Divkovic, David Kovalenko








THE RETREAT – Horror Short Film

Mia is a young woman who is struggling to cope with the aftermath of a traumatic event that has changed her life forever. She can’t sleep, she can’t eat – She can’t live. In her desperation, she seeks out the help of a highly secretive retreat lead by a shadowy female figure named Echo, who claims to have the solution to all of her problems.


The Retreat is a dramatic and eerie horror short where “an eye for an eye” is truly put into practice…


THE RETREAT - Horror Short Film


Director: Marcus Anthony Thomas
Writer: Tom van Overloop
Country & year: UK, 2020
Actors: Daniel Copeland, Stevie Gordon, Ryan Handley, Iniki Mariano, Charlotte Palmer, Tama Phethean, Taylah Schofield








TALISMAN – Horror Short

When Yi and his superstitious Chinese parents move into a new home, tension rises as Yi believes that there is a ghost among them.


Talisman is a creepy horror short which takes on a different turn than one might expect…


TALISMAN - Horror Short


Director: Reangsei Phos
Writer: Nick Adams(screenplay), Reangsei Phos
Country & year: Canada, 2022
Actors: Pascale Behrman, Danny Liang, Sean Lu, Qingqing Yang








BUDFOOT – Horror Short Film

Indie toymaker Jo Carver’s latest creation has come to life, and it’s trying to kill him!


Budfoot is a bizarre and crazy horror short by Tim Reis and James Sizemore (director of The Demon’s Rook)!


BUDFOOT - Horror Short Film


Director: Tim Reis, James Sizemore
Writer: Akom Tidwell
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Skinner, Henry Zebrowski, Brian Troxell, Mignon Baer, Laura Knox









A woman finds herself in a nightmarish trap after sneaking into a closed off changing room.


The Changing Room is a creepy horror short where you have a good reason to be afraid of mirrors!




Director: Sam Evenson
Writer: Sam Evenson, Jeff Speziale
Country & year: USA, 2022
Actors: Jamie Taylor Ballesta, Alan Maxson









Amidst the dead uninhabitable world of the future, the shelter of a forgotten country cottage affords a lone wanderer opportunity to acknowledge the lingering strands of her own humanity.


Terrible Things is a dark and atmospheric horror short about a lonely survivor in a horrific world.




Director: Ciarán Hickey
Writer: Ciarán Hickey
Country & year: Ireland, 2021
Actors: Claire J. Loy