CALVING – Horror Short Film

In a rural Irish village, a strange calf is born. And it won’t stop screaming.


Calving is an atmospheric allegorical horror short.

CALVING - Horror Short Film


Director: Louis Bhose
Writer: Louis Bhose
Country & year: UK, 2021
Actors: Steven Mackintosh, Liz Fitzgibbon, Philip O’Sullivan, Gerry O’Brien








LAST WORDS – Horror Short

When a hiker awakes in the wilderness to find herself separated from her friend, she hears a familiar voice crying for help.


Last Words is a mysterious and creepy horror short, proving that scary stuff can also happen in broad daylight!

LAST WORDS - Horror Short


Director: Teal Greyhavens, Nikolai Von Keller
Writer: Teal Greyhavens, Nikolai Von Keller
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Julien Crane, Ari Fromm, Charlotte Hjerpe, Jake Jeffers, Jacobii Leal, Nick Luberto, Ché March, Richardson Palmer








SHINY NEW WORLD – Horror Short

Fifty-year-old Barry is a special kind of cleaner: he cleans crime scenes where demons have wreaked havoc. While making a corporate film about his work, a normal working day for Barry gets out of hand in a bloody way.


Shiny New World is a fun horror short where you get a look into the amusing job of being a demon crime scene cleaner!

SHINY NEW WORLD - Horror Short


Director: Jan van Gorkum
Writer: Jan van Gorkum
Country & year: Netherlands, 2021
Actors: Patrick Stoof, Gijs Scholten van Aschat, Maarten Prins, Marije Coralie Loermans








SUPER HOST – Horror Short

An Airbnb host discovers an insidious spirit occupying her condo.


Super Host is a creepy horror short about the dangers of being an Airbnb host. You never know what kind of danger you’ll be letting inside your home…

SUPER HOST - Horror Short


Director: Dan Frantz, Andy Koeger
Writer: Dan Frantz, Andy Koeger
Country & year: USA, 2022
Actors: Adria Dawn, Torrey Hanson, Pearl Paramadilok, Ashton Swinford








BAD ACID – Horror Short

Sheila, is a self-obsessed aerobics fanatic who accidentally ingests some toxic hair gel while doing her usual morning workout to Aerobisexy vol. 14, transporting her into the world of Aerobics Cult Leader John Flexi.


Bad Acid is a trippy and fun horror short!



Director: Sam Fox
Writer: Sam Fox
Country & year: USA, 2021
Actors: Kate Hollowell, Caileigh Knapp, Willie Larson, Branden Wilbarger









An unbeliever returns to his deeply religious hometown only to find that they have fallen prey to a sinister monster that they believe is the Holy Spirit of God.


The Spirit Became Flesh is a creepy horror short about a guy returning to his family home, only to find that his old community has turned their faith to a monster in the woods.



Director: Jesse Parker Aultman
Writer: Jesse Parker Aultman
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Christopher Dietrick, Chloe Baldwin, Anthony Gaeta, Bries Vannon, Lynda Gibson, Lena Lark, Carl Paul Ezold Jr, Michael Evans








EXPOSURE – Horror Short

40% of UK homes now have cameras, largely from CCTV and smart devices. Many of these devices are susceptible to hacking, allowing intruders to watch residents in their own homes.


Exposure is a creepy and mysterious horror short where very little is known about it, except that Bloody Disgusting identified the director to be a guy named Kris Cummins. The horror short is done in found footage style, and is truly effective and chilling!

EXPOSURE - Horror Short


Director: Kris Cummins
Writer: Kris Cummins
Year: 2024








RITO DE PASO – Horror Short

After closing his eyes our hero wakes in another world. There he awaits the arrival of someone on top of the mountain. Together they will walk deep into the woods with the intention of rescuing their dearest loved one from the clutches of a mysterious secret society.


Rito de Paso is a surreal and nightmarish horror short!

RITO DE PASO - Horror Short


Director: Jaime Herrero
Writer: Jaime Herrero
Country & year: Spain, 2019
Actors: Antonio Meler, Elisabeth Bonjour, Luis Torrelles








DYSTOPIA – Horror Short

In a made up abandoned hangar, a gang of beauty addicts are frantically looking through a collection of limbs. Their mission is to piece together a man that will please Mama Joan, their frankensteinian leader.


Dystopia is a bizarre Norwegian horror sort, offering a bit of a twist at the end!

DYSTOPIA - Horror Short


Director: Laura Ugolini
Writer: Sofie Somoroff
Country & year: Norway, 2020
Actors: Maria Galliani Dyrvik, Anja Skovly Freberg, Laura Ugolini








RIDE BABY RIDE – Horror Short

After an unbearably creepy negotiation with some skeevy car guys, a mechanic has to fight off a demonic monster inhabiting her dream 1978 Camaro.


Ride Baby Ride is a fun horror short about a Christine-like car sold by two creepy dudes to an unsuspecting mechanic!

RIDE BABY RIDE - Horror Short


Director: Sofie Somoroff
Writer: Sofie Somoroff
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Celina Bernstein, Anthony Richard Pagliaro, Sam H. Clauder II