A woman leaves her AI robot M.I.A. to prepare the thanksgiving turkey. The problem is, M.I.A. starts malfunctioning.


Thanksgiving is a fun horror short reminding us that perhaps we should not be too trusting towards AI technology…



Director: Alex Magaña
Writer: Alex Magaña
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Cat Hamm, Clara Carlo, Sara Podwol, Vera Kniffin, Stephanie Collins









Jasmin sees a fist-sized hole in a brick wall. She’s hypnotically drawn to it and can’t focus on anything else. An increasingly morbid obsession begins, until the hole suddenly disappears.


O is a bizarre and creepy surreal horror short about addiction.



Director: Dominik Balkow
Writer: Dominik Balkow
Country & year: Germany, 2022
Actors: Nadine Scheidecker








REMAINS – Horror Short Film

After bringing home the ashes of her infant son, a mother begins to believe that there’s something alive inside of his urn.


Remains is a chilling and emotional horror short by Dylan Clark, who also made Portrait of God and Seagrass.

REMAINS - Horror Short Film


Director: Dylan Clark
Writer: Dylan Clark
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Jennifer Taher, Will Walberg








DON’T FEED THEM – Horror Short

A man comes upon a red bird house in the forest, and decides to leave a few bread crusts. Too bad he didn’t notice the “don’t feed the birds” sign…


Don’t Feed Them is a fun and hilarious horror short, with a pretty cool monster bird!

DON'T FEED THEM - Horror Short


Director: Will McDaniel
Writer: Will McDaniel
Country & year: UK, 2023
Actors: Will McDaniel








TRICK OR TREAT 2 – Horror Short

The Magician returns for a new holiday season, this time setting his sights on a group of old college friends celebrating Halloween. Will they give treats or will they get tricks?


Trick or Treat 2 is a fun Halloween horror short, and the sequel to Trick or Treat from 2021.

TRICK OR TREAT 2 - Horror Short


Director: Wesley Mellott
Writer: Wesley Mellott
Country & year: USA, 2022
Actors: Gary Paul Bowman, Danica Lee Clauser, Andrew Glessner, Andreas Quiroga









In this 80s inspired horror-comedy, two friends perform a ritual to try and help make one of them cool enough to get a date with Brenda. Instead, they get a demon.


We Summoned a Demon is a fun and gory horror short! Directed by Chris McInroy, who also made the horror short Death Metal from 2016.



Director: Chris McInroy
Writer: Chris McInroy
Country & year: USA, 2017
Actors: Kirk C. Johnson, Carlos Larotta, John Orr








SHUTTER – Horror Short Film

A man comes to the chilling realization that he is not alone when he finds odd images of himself taken from inside his home.


Shutter is a creepy horror short with a pretty cool monster/creature design!

SHUTTER - Horror Short Film


Director: Ryan Kjolberg
Writer: Ryan Kjolberg, Michael Muchnij
Country & year: USA, 2015
Actors: Chris Roberts








CONSURGO – Horror Short

When the need to be something other than what we are becomes too much to bare, sometimes we choose the extreme solution to our problem. The result can change us forever, but leave us with conflicted feelings that are still too much to bare.


Consurgo is a strangely creepy little horror short where you follow what seems to be the ordinary day of a shoe shiner..

CONSURGO - Horror Short


Director: Luigi Comandatore
Writer: Luigi Comandatore, Txemi Parra
Country & year: UK, 2023
Actors: Nicola Acunzo, Dee Imbert, Emmett McCarthy, Liliana Molina, Ricky Syers








BUS STOP – Horror Short Film

A chilling short horror film about two young strangers waiting for the bus and getting entangled in the mysterious and terrifying circumstances around the bus stop.


Bus Stop is a creepy horror short where a boy who misses the bus ends up in a strange conversation with a mysterious girl..

BUS STOP - Horror Short Film


Director: Zora Cielle Anri
Writer: Zora Cielle Anri
Country & year: UK, 2023
Actors: Poppie Boyes, Mike Kelson, Olivia Post, Joshua Shea








IN FRAME – Horror Short

A girl sees something strange while recording with her Super 8 camera.


In Frame is a creepy horror short with a simple premise: having fun with a Super 8 camera, and then get something in frame that’s not supposed to be there..

IN FRAME - Horror Short


Director: Vincent Dormani
Writer: Vincent Dormani
Country & year: USA, 2023
Actors: Anna Riegel, Vincent Dormani