DEAD MALL – Horror Short Film

After a night of partying, The Girl finds herself on an empty street in Downtown Miami with a strange man who offers to walk her home. He tells her he knows a short cut through the old mall. He coaxes The Girl inside, and then locks her in. “Sorry”, he says. “It has to eat…”


Dead Mall is a nice, surreal reimagining of the minotaur myth.


DEAD MALL - Horror Short Film


Director: Olivia West Lloyd
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Maya Martinez, Dylan Redford, Jillian Mayer, Claudia Rodriguez, Liz Ferrer, Kea Duarte, Angelica Arbelaez








THE CROSSING – Horror Short

A newly hired housekeeper discovers the tenants of the home have an evil secret.


The Crossing is a fun horror short with some pretty cool monster/creature scenes!


THE CROSSING - Horror Short


Director: Kheireddine El-Helou
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Anna Kaskeeva, Sarah Navratil, Christof Ryjin Pearson, Juliette James, Gianna Misa, Jolene Andersen
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