LANE 9 – Horror Short Film

A small town is turned upside when a transient evil takes up residence in lane 9 of the local bowling alley.


Lane 9 is a fun Halloween horror short set in a bowling alley!

LANE 9 - Horror Short Film


Director: Jessica Valentine, Richard Valentine
Country & year: USA, 2019
Actors: Odette Galbally, Luke Schuck, Andrew Tribolini









HAPPY HALLOWEEN – Horror Short Film

A young woman is preparing for Halloween, and while carving out a pumpkin someone knocks at the door. When she finds herself empty of more candy for the trick or treaters, she is unprepared for the consequences…


Happy Halloween is a Halloween themed horror short that is both a little creepy and spookily fun at the same time!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - Horror Short Film


Director: Aaron Fradkin
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Victoria Fratz