HUMAN FORM – Korean Body Horror Film

Feeling alone in a world where everyone looks exactly the same, a young girl decides to take extreme measures to change her appearance.


Human Form is a Korean body horror short, where a girl is living in a world where everyone is getting plastic surgery, and she feels more and more out of place. This short is a commentary on plastic surgery and humankind’s obsession over what is supposed to be “beauty”, where we often idolize appearances that are impossible to achieve naturally, and deeming natural appearances as not looking “good enough” (which makes everyone a potential “fixer-upper”, and giving the beauty industry more and more profits). And with this short coming from South Korea, it’s a perfect comment on all of this considering how several Asian countries have insane beauty standards. Just look up some “Asian makeup transformation” videos on YouTube, and you’ll see…


HUMAN FORM - Korean Body Horror Film


Director: Doyeon Noh
Country & year: South Korea, 2014
Actors: Si Yeon Kim, Ye Eun Lee, Jinseon Son, Sun Hee Kang, Ae-Jin Kim, Seung-il Hong, Jung Do Hur