PICTURED – Horror short

A creepy picture plays with the fear of a woman. Maybe, there is a connection between the girl in the picture and the woman who tries to find out the secret behind the glass.


Pictured is one of David F. Sandberg’s earlier horror shorts (one he made right after the Lights Out short). Just like his other horror shorts, the concept is simple but still effectively creepy!


PICTURED - Horror short


Director: David F. Sandberg
Country & year: USA, 2014
Actors: Lotta Losten, Hanna Johansson
IMDb: www.imdb.com/title/tt3912408/







Pictured – Horror short from David F. Sandberg on Vimeo.


NOT ALONE IN HERE – Horror Short

A woman suspects she’s not alone in her house.


It’s not often that Mr. Ghööl hands out both the “Creepy” and “Funny” badge, but in this horror short you can expect both to laugh a little in addition to feeling the atmospheric dread creep into you. Who wouldn’t feel on edge if suspecting someone has hidden inside your home, but you cannot find them despite searching high and low? Made by David F. Sandberg (“Lights Out” director – both the short and the feature film).


NOT ALONE IN HERE - Horror Short


Director: David F. Sandberg
Country & year: USA, 2020
Actors: Lotta Losten, David F. Sandberg
IMDb: //www.imdb.com/title/tt12345606/








LIGHTS OUT – horror short

When you are all alone in a small dark room, what do you fear the most? Is it the temporary blindness or is it the uneasy deep feeling that someone, or rather something, is observing your every move?


“Lights Out” is the horror short by David F. Sandberg that later became the full-length 2016 horror movie by the same name. In many ways this horror short can be seen as somewhat superior to the film, since it keeps a lot of the mystery with its short run-time, and can easily take us all back to those periods in our life when we were afraid of what might hide in the dark…


Lights Out horror short


Director: David F. Sandberg
Country & year: Sweden, 2013
Actors: Lotta Losten
IMDb: //www.imdb.com/title/tt3605002/