HUMBUG – A Christmas Horror Short

When her neighbor refuses to get into the Christmas spirit, a jolly citizen takes matters into her own hands.


We all know at least one “Grinch”, or a person filled with “humbug” when the holidays are kicking in. This weird and cheesy horror short takes the “humbug” to a different level, though, turning it into something that can be “exorcised” from your body in order to make you fully enjoy the Christmas holidays!


LA NORIA - Animated Horror Short


Director: Justin Lee, Matt Thiesen
Country & year: USA, 2016
Actors: Jessee Foudray, Milly Sanders
















2 Replies to “HUMBUG – A Christmas Horror Short”

  1. I think the goth girl becomes more creepy when the humbug has been driven out of her body. Overly jolly christmas-crazy people are fucking horrifying :O

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