LARRY – Short Horror Film

Larry lives behind a window. He can see through the glass. Who will be Larry’s friend?


Larry is a strange and atmospheric little horror short, which builds up a lot of tension and keeps you guessing what’s going to happen next. The ending is a little bit goofy, though, but still unexpected. It was announced earlier this year that Larry will turn into a full length film called Come Play, produced by Amblin Partners, and with Focus Features as the distribution company. It is currently scheduled to be released on October 30th this year (originally it was supposed to be released on July 24th, but due to the pandemic it was re-scheduled to a Halloween weekend release instead).


LARRY - Short Horror Film


Director: Jacob Chase
Country & year: USA, 2017
Actors: Joe Calarco, Timothy Thompson, Cornelius Uliano, Rachel Grate, Aaron Cota
IMDb: //







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